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Review: A Precarious Beginning by Siena and Fritz Rollins

A Precarious Beginning gave me serious Tamora Pierce feels! It brought me back to the books I would read in middle school, with fierce younger heroines, dragons, and plots of war. Hyla, the main character, is like a cross between Daine and one of the Circle of Stones characters.


Hyla woke up that morning hungry and homeless, but an opportunity for free food, lands Hyla sleeping in the castle, stuffed with food, and with a pet dragon. A chance encounter leads her straight into the Choosing room where Hyla touches a dragon egg and it hatches. She is destined to become a Dragonrider, to care for her dragon, and protect the realm. However, there’s more at work than her quest to be a noble and tame her dragons. There’s a plot afoot that will bring her right back where she started, in the gutters, and her nation to the brink of war.


Hyla was my favorite aspect of the book. She is fierce, clever, and compassionate. She speaks to my inner heart and is exactly the type of heroine I was craving when I was a young girl. As I said earlier, this book reminded me so much of Tamora Pierce, so the nostalgia was real.

It doesn’t hurt that the world within the pages is incredibly rich. I was so surprised and overjoyed at how vivid the descriptions of the world and setting are. The combination of a descriptive world and a spirited heroine set the stage for a lovely plot. It will wrap you up and make you fall in love with the characters, animal and human alike. I am a sucker for novels with characters who have a deep connection to their animal companions. Seriously – give me all these books please, right now.

There’s still a lot of unanswered questions, and hope for answers, for it is a series. I look forward to continue my love affair with her dragon and see Hyla grow up! This is a thoroughly entertaining and touching story, that will bring you straight back to your first discovery of fantasy, and your desire to own a dragon yourself.

You can pick up A Precarious Beginning on Amazon (US) and add it to Goodreads.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the authors in exchange for an honest review.


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